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Here you will find reports of women surf events around the world, surf-related community projects, ways we as surfers can help our environment, short interviews, writings, and more!

Sea Together ISSUE 002: Australia Tour Launch Part 1

Brianna Ortega

1: Sunburnt Mess

We started out in Bondi at Sunburnt Mess, celebrating the first launch of ISSUE 002 of Sea Together in Australia. The Bondi Girls Surf Riders also had a competition that morning and we were stoked to see the women’s surf community so passionate about empowering women and believing in each other to grow and surf together. Thanks to our friends at Mohinders Shoes, a cooperative and equitable brand supporting heirloom-shoes for donating their lovely shoes to our tour as well. You can use the code SEATOGETHER for 10% off on their website until July 31.

2: U&I Label

The second stop of the Sea Together Australia Tour was at U&I Label, with a myriad of the stoked Torquay community. The inspiring surf community that Emma & Jodie from U&I and Angela King from South Coast Surfboards have brought together gave us hope that we can all come together to support women’s surfing. Thanks to Belinda Baggs for facilitating our panel on Women Surfers in Creative Projects/Business with Emma & Jodie from U&I, Angela King from South Coast Surfboards and Brianna, Founder and Director of Sea Together Magazine. To top it off, we were serenaded by Jodie Hayes’s beautiful artworks and and photos by the talented surf photographer Emma Backlund. We definitely want to come back to Torquay! Check out the photos below to spot you or your friends.

Photos by Leslie Carvitto