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Shipping Info

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Shipping Info


Sea Together does not offer any returns on purchases. All sales are final due to the project being so small. Feel free to email sea.together.mag@gmail.com with any questions or concerns! :)


Processing takes up to 5 days.

Domestic Shipping: 3-7 days depending on location. Hawai’i takes the longest. If you need expedited shipping, choose the expedited option.

International Shipping: New Zealand has seemed to be the fastest, occuring in 3-7 days. Otherwise, most countries in Europe can take up to 3 weeks. See bulk shipping below for more info.

If you need your product faster than the total amount of days of both processing and shipping, please contact Brianna at sea.together.mag@gmail.com and she can gladly find out pricing to get your magazine or product to you faster, but please contact her way in advanced. :)


Contact Brianna at sea.together.mag@gmail.com for bulk shipping questions and pricing, as she has to contact the USPS to ask regarding weights.


Because we understand how money is scarce these days, we have figured out a way to bring the cost down of shipping for those who live outside of the U.S. Sea Together recommends bulk shipping for International shipping if you’re looking to bring the cost down of shipping.

The price of shipping internationally from the US for Sea Together Issue 001 is roughly $25 USD, a costly price. If you are able to (1) order more magazines and (2) split the cost of shipping between 2 or more of your friends, it can bring the price of shipping per person down.


We can fit 2 magazines into one package and the weight still is under a certain amount to qualify for a certain price at USPS, therefore you can split the roughly $25 shipping with your friend. Otherwise, if you really want the price of shipping to come down, the more magazines you order, the more the price of shipping per mag (per person) comes down due to splitting the costs.

This is what I’ve figured out by asking the USPS and going there to mail packages. If you have any more tips for Sea Together on how we can lower our shipping costs for international friends/”customers”, please let us know at sea.together.mag@gmail.com ! :) We want as many people as possible to know that Sea Together exists in the world for them!