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Here you will find reports of women surf events around the world, surf-related community projects, ways we as surfers can help our environment, short interviews, writings, and more!

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Sea Together x Aoka Surf Weekend in Aotearoa New Zealand

Brianna Ortega

Sea Together Magazine partnered with New Zealand’s Aoka Surf Studio for a weekend of celebrating the art, photography, business, and surfing of women surfers of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Thank you to everyone who came, brought inspiration to the weekend and left inspired by the weekend to bring some magic and love of women’s surfing to wherever you ventured home to. The weekend began on Friday evening with a lovely welcome dinner with women surfers who came from all over the country.

Photos by Lou @louloubphoto

We showcased films curated by Amy Rose Hewton. The films showcased were all created by women and included women surfers:

  • “Las Shapers: Three Women Trailblaze a New Path for Surfboard Building”, the work of Camila Saldarriaga and Kat Mortimer featuring shapers Kat Mortimer, Cher Pendarvis, and Valerie Duprat

  • “Women and Waves” by Heather Hudson

  • “Worm Dreams Big” by SeaLevelTV

  • “Johanna” by Ashley Beer

  • “Everything in Between” by Andrea Coleman Photo

When asked why Amy chose these films, she replied, “Overarching, I wanted to share films that represented the variety of life surrounding surfing, the shapers, surfers, film makers, young and old, legends and beginners, long and short boarding from various places around the world from pioneers to our future. Hopefully, some of these films the audience might not have seen yet. I want us to see us in all these ladies, so we can get the frothing stoke and hope and happiness that surfing is.”

Photo by Sea Together Magazine & Lou @louloubphoto

The weekend continued on with yoga, a creative workshop with the Founder of Sea Together, and lots of surfing in-between, before the photo exhibition with photographers Mischa Davis, Ellen Mary Taylor, and Anrielle Hunt, with music by local artist Morgan Keating Marr. We were amazed and inspired by the presence of the local community throughout the weekend, and were so grateful to Port Road Project for hosting our weekend.

Photos by Lou @louloubphoto

Our final day of the weekend wrapped up with celebrating the makers of Aotearoa New Zealand and you may have seen short clips of the makers on Sea Together’s Instagram Story . Thanks to everyone who came out to support the creative work, and who stuck out to the afternoon to do a beach clean-up with NZ organization Project Wai.

Photos by Project Wai & Lou @louloubphoto

Special thanks to all of the humans who poured out their energy into this community for making the weekend happen. It took dozens of people to make this weekend happen and the weekend was all thanks to you!

Special thanks to our sponsors U&I Label, The Virtue, Salt Gypsy, Port Road Project and Oceans of Happiness who supported the weekend and also donated merchandise to our raffle during the Film night.

Stay tuned for next year and be sure to comment below on what your favorite aspect of the weekend was so that we can hear about it! x

Sea Together ISSUE 002: Australia Tour Launch Part 2

Brianna Ortega

3: Indigo & Salt in Bulli

This night was filled with jam-packed inspiration curated by Indigo and Salt with a focus on loving Mama Ocean. Check out Sarah of Indigo and Salt’s lovely write-up on this event here. A few beautiful photos below were captured by photographer Ashleigh Campbell.

4: Sea Bones Byron Bay with Salt Gypsy

Danny of Salt Gypsy hosted a wonderful discussion about topics related to women’s surfing with guest speakers Dr. Rebecca Olive, Fiona Duncan, and Clas Jeuki on using connection in our surf communities to drive change and disrupt the status quo. We live-streamed parts of the discussion on the Sea Together Instagram. Interesting points were brought up and Dr. Rebecca Olive shared a lot of her research on racism and sexism in surfing.

Thanks to every single lovely human we met in Australia on our Tour and we were inspired by all of the powerhouse women surfers of Australia making waves and inspiring each other ! xx

Sea Together ISSUE 002: Australia Tour Launch Part 1

Brianna Ortega

1: Sunburnt Mess

We started out in Bondi at Sunburnt Mess, celebrating the first launch of ISSUE 002 of Sea Together in Australia. The Bondi Girls Surf Riders also had a competition that morning and we were stoked to see the women’s surf community so passionate about empowering women and believing in each other to grow and surf together. Thanks to our friends at Mohinders Shoes, a cooperative and equitable brand supporting heirloom-shoes for donating their lovely shoes to our tour as well. You can use the code SEATOGETHER for 10% off on their website until July 31.

2: U&I Label

The second stop of the Sea Together Australia Tour was at U&I Label, with a myriad of the stoked Torquay community. The inspiring surf community that Emma & Jodie from U&I and Angela King from South Coast Surfboards have brought together gave us hope that we can all come together to support women’s surfing. Thanks to Belinda Baggs for facilitating our panel on Women Surfers in Creative Projects/Business with Emma & Jodie from U&I, Angela King from South Coast Surfboards and Brianna, Founder and Director of Sea Together Magazine. To top it off, we were serenaded by Jodie Hayes’s beautiful artworks and and photos by the talented surf photographer Emma Backlund. We definitely want to come back to Torquay! Check out the photos below to spot you or your friends.

Photos by Leslie Carvitto