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Surf Girls Jamaica Film Release


Here you will find reports of women surf events around the world, surf-related community projects, ways we as surfers can help our environment, short interviews, writings, and more!

Surf Girls Jamaica Film Release

Brianna Ortega

Sea Together is stoked to share Surf Girls Jamaica! Watch here. Surf Girls Jamaica focuses on Imani Wilmot, an inspirational Jamaican surfer who uses the sport as a means of transforming the tough lives of the women around her, in Kingston and surrounding areas.

Imani’s father and family are the driving force in the history of surf culture on the island and she was as one of the first Jamaican women to set foot on a surfboard. Where her family were supportive and encouraging, many women in the vicinity of where she lives have little opportunity and often grow up in harsh circumstances.

Imani has harnessed the power of surfing to empower these women and help them improve their lives. She has a 3-year-old daughter who is a great motivation in this mission. Imani runs regular training camps, bringing women together to teach them the mindful art of riding waves. This develops self-motivation, a sense of community and a respect for the environment. Surfing provides an escape from the streets and an alternative path from a life surrounded by violence and crime, opening up windows of economic opportunity.

Imani’s impact is perhaps best captured by Melissa, who is learning how to be a surf coach. Melissa’s life changed dramatically after meeting Imani and learning to surf. In the wake of being released from prison, with little hope of rebuilding her life and finding a proper job, she now owns her own successful business and her story encapsulates the positive outcomes of Imani’s work.

The film captures the landmark of the first all-female surf competition in Jamaica. Imani is a role model, working with international organisation, Black Girls Surf, to inspire women of colour all over the world to see a place for themselves within the global surf industry. Her goal is to inspire the next generation of female Afro- Caribbean surfers, and to continue as the driving force of this vital movement..

Surf Girls Jamaica won the Best British Film at the 2018 London Surf Film Festival.

Surf Girls Jamaica is an original production from Real Stories. It has the uplifting quality which is part of what characterises this fast-growing documentary channel. It was directed and produced by Joya Berrow & Lucy Jane for Little Dot Studios.

Watch Surf Girls Jamaica at https://youtu.be/KaTUYaSD-wA

Visit Real Stories at www.youtube.com/realstories

About Surf Girls Jamaica

The fifteenth original production for Real Stories channel. Running Time: 16 minutes Directed and produced by Joya Berrow & Lucy Jane Commissioned by Adam Gee A Gallivant Film production for Little Dot Studios. About female surfers in Jamaica and the use of the sport to empower women.

About Real Stories Originals

Original documentary productions commissioned by and for Real Stories channel.

About Real Stories channel

A documentary channel owned and operated by Little Dot Studios (London, Berlin & LA). 2 Million subscribers on YouTube 1 Million followers on Facebook 1 Million views/day on YouTube Real Stories operates on YouTube, Facebook and other digital platforms including its own mobile and smart TV apps. It showcases many Emmy and BAFTA winning documentaries. www.youtube.com/realstories

About Real Stories App

Real Stories content can be watched through the Real Stories App, which is available (for free in the UK and Ireland) at https://realstories.pixel.video as well as in the App 2

Store, Google Play, Roku and Amazon Firestick.

About Little Dot Studios

Little Dot Studios is the largest distributor of premium television and sport content on YouTube. Little Dot delivers 4 Billion organic views a month.

Little Dot’s digital content studio specializes in the production of original and brand- funded content, and the distribution and monetization of video content across all social platforms. Little Dot Studios are based in London and LA.


About Joya Berrow & Lucy Jane

Joya Berrow and Lucy Jane are an award-winning, independent documentary unity, whose films have been featured on platforms such as National Geographic, Nowness and VICE.

Led by the richness of the land, the sea and the sky, our subjects take us to remote places, as we highlight the vitality of the planet. Two perspectives, merged into a distinct vision, seeking topics that will declare human welfare and lead us towards a necessary consciousness to protect our environment. We believe in the power of film as a strong impact medium. We use this power to bring light to underrepresented stories, inspiring new energy to global issues and breeding empathy, because culture change leads to other change.

There is a powerful historical relationship between our disconnection from the natural world and systems of human oppression. We aim to bring healing and justice to wounded places as we unearth stories that serve to educate and make us reflect on the way we are choosing to live our lives. As filmmakers we have a responsibility to drive a creative movement which is representative and determined in the fight for equality. Nature is a therapy that should be accessible to all, without exception. Nature is Life.


For any queries or additional information, please contact Adam Gee 07725 245 947 (+44 7725 245 947) adam.gee@littledotstudios.com