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Here you will find reports of women surf events around the world, surf-related community projects, ways we as surfers can help our environment, short interviews, writings, and more!

Sea Together x San Diego Launch & SDSL Workshop

Anna Biegalski

San Diego Sea Together Launch Party at Juneshineco

Images and Text by Anna Biegalski

On Thursday, September 6th was the San Diego release party for the inaugural issue of Sea Together. If ever there were a venue to celebrate a progressive coastal zeitgeist like Sea Together, Juneshine is it. Adorning the walls were a selection of curated photographs from featured artists and friends of the magazine: Corina Rose Barnick, Oriana Poindexter, Megan Barrett, and Maggie Higgins. All of the photographers were on site, discussing their work and contributions to the first issue, with the exception of Maggie, who shipped her work all the way from the East Coast for the show.

Cher Pendarvis, revolutionary waterwoman featured in Issue 001 of Sea Together was spreading aloha by passing out fragrant plumeria blooms. Packed to near capacity, the space buzzed with energy radiating from friends old and new, surfing buddies, and considerable support from the community.

Aloha Collection and Psychedelic Honey Swimwear hosted retail pop-ups, while local artist and Issue 001 contributor Brooke Gudenau worked on a vibrant live-painted portrait in honor of Juneshine’s hospitality. Some solid reggae-tinged acoustic jams were played by Kirby Ai and Tee Price . Sea Together also had a raffle of goods from Manda, Aloha Collection, a surfboard from Foamy Surf, Leap Coffee, and a print from Megan Barrett.

The night was a blur of frenetic energy, support, and enthusiasm for the magazine. Shuffling through the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd revealed waves of smiling faces as people flipped through the magazine and saw this vision brought to reality. San Diego is home to one of the most historic, well-known, and established surfing communities in the US. The outpouring of love at the release party was a tangible testament to the community’s support and desire to evolve the conversations we create about the ocean and our lives revolving around it.

Experiences like these produce a truly special kind of energy, creating a time and a place for like-minded ocean people to connect with each other, rekindle old friendships from days gone by, and support the growing campaign to bring women’s stories to the forefront of our surfing lives. Thank you to everyone who came to support Issue 001 of Sea Together. With all of your help and generous support and believing in our mission, we hope this grassroots magazine will continue for a long time! :)

San Diego Surf Ladies x Sea Together Workshop

Sea Together was fortunate enough to hold a workshop hosted by San Diego Surf Ladies. We each went through a series of experiential exercises to develop different ways of thinking about the ocean, the beach, and our relationship with surfing. The founder of Sea Together, Brianna Ortega, facilitated the workshop and was grateful to meet a lot of positively powerful women surfers! We are so grateful for SDSL, Camille, and Danielle Elizabeth for hosting our event at the Oceanside Harbor. This is a nonprofit that you’ll definately want to check out! Here are some images below from the event taken by Camille Cunningham.