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The Super Stoked Surf Mamas of Pleasure Point Film Tour

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The Super Stoked Surf Mamas of Pleasure Point Film Tour

Doors open at 6:30PM. Sponsored by Brew Dr. Kombucha.

Come support woman surfer filmmaker, Elizabeth, and her independent films about women! Get your ticket early! Sea Together Magazine will be facilitating a panel after the film screening, and there will also be a local film trailer shown for the first time - “She Dreams of Cold Seas” - a film about women surfers in the PNW!


CONTACT: Elizabeth Pepin Silva, otwfront@gmail.com; 805-272-8453

Sea Together Magazine, Brianna Ortega: sea.together.mag@gmail.com

Sea Together Magazine & Leeward Surf Present A Women Surf

Night Features Award-Winning Documentaries and Panel

Discussion on Women and Surfing

Portland’s Sea Together women’s surf magazine and local surf shop Leeward Surf are proud to present the Pacific Northwest premiere of “La Maestra” and Introducing the "Super Stoked Surf Mamas of Pleasure Point" along with a sneak preview of “She Dreams of Cold Seas (w.t.),” a new Pacific Northwest women’s surf film to be released in the upcomng year. Part of the ticket sales benefits Sea Together, a Portland-based women’s surf magazine.

The evening opens with of a clip of “She Dreams of Cold Seas (w.t.),” followed by "La Maestra" an award-winning documentary about the day in the life of a young Mexican woman teacher who becomes one of the first woman in her village to surf. Mayra

Aguilar, the star of the film, is also one of the five women profiled in “Introducing the Super Stoked Surf Mamas of Pleasure Point,” a short documentary film about friendship, community, pregnancy and surfing, featuring five Santa Cruz, CA surf moms who support each other to continue surfing during pregnancy and after the birth of their children. The inspiring and delightful film recently had its world premiere at Europe’s largest surf film festival located in Anglet, France, where the film won the Audience Choice Award – an honor rarely given to a non-French film.

Following the films will be a panel discussion on women’s surfing moderated by Sea Together Magazine founder Brianna Ortega and featuring filmmaker Elizabeth Pepin Silva and several Northwest-based women surfers.

Advance Ticket Purchase: https://womensurf.brownpapertickets.com



www.otwfront.com https://www.facebook.com/itsssmpp/

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/276451615

Produced & Directed by Elizabeth Pepin Silva & Paul Ferraris Introducing the Super Stoked Surf Mamas (ITSSSMPP) is a story about friendship, pregnancy and surfing. Mayra Aguilar, Jenny Bennett, Grace Gooch, Ashley Lloyd and Katie Loggins are a group of surfers who live near Pleasure Point, a world-class surf spot in Santa Cruz, California. Through surfing and a love for the ocean, the five women become friends. When they all become pregnant around the same time, it is natural that

the women turn to each other for support and encouragement. Ignoring people who tell them to stop surfing while pregnant, the women decide instead to listen to their own bodies and continue doing what they love -- just with some extra precautions and modifications. The women in the film discuss the challenges they face as their bellies grow bigger and their wetsuits no longer fit, but also the joy of being in the water with

their unborn child inside them experiencing the ocean together as one. Once their babies are born, the women face new challenges in dealing with their changed bodies and the responsibilities of caring for a needy little one. Finances won’t

allow any of the women to pay for child care, so instead they once again turn to each other, creating a surf mama group. The film demonstrates the power of coming together as a community and the support and friendship women can give to each other to accomplish their goals – to be mothers, or anything else in their lives. Mayra Aguilar was the subject of Elizabeth Pepin Silva and Paul Ferraris’s 2015 award-winning film “La Maestra,”

LA MAESTRA (THE TEACHER) www.otwfront.com

Produced & Directed By Paul Ferraris & Elizabeth Pepin Silva

"La Maestra" profiles Mayra Agulair, a teacher in a tiny rural fishing village in Baja, Mexico, who becomes one of the first Mexican woman surfers in her area, and in her own small way, changes her community for the better. Told in Spanish using mainly Mayra's voice, the award-winning documentary depicts the beauty and slow pace of life in the village, while highlighting the amazing surfing waves in her town -- a gift of nature

that has brought thousands of gringo surfers to the area over the years, forever changing Mayra's hometown in both positive and negative ways.


Sea Together's mission is to empower women surfers worldwide to live as their authentic self and to rise above societal or personal challenges. We celebrate our love for surfing through creative expression, connecting through community, and sharing our individual voices. Sea Together believes there is a space for every woman surfer to express themselves and share their story.

LEEWARD SURF https://leewardsurf.com

Located on the leeside of the Oregon Coast Range, Leeward is built on a deep rooted desire to connect our community with the ocean and the outdoors. We support surfers, shapers, artists and designers that perpetuate exploration and inspire the creative process.

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