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General Inquiries: Let us know if you are interested in Sea Together partnering with your organization, nonprofit, event, want to collaborate on ideas, or if you'd like to surf with us. Contact Brianna here: sea.together.mag@gmail.com 

Partnerships: We are currently looking for partnership and sponsorship opportunities for the 2019 edition. Either if you want to partner with us at workshops or events, or if you have a paying opportunity that can help us fund the creation of the magazine project and you align with our values, please reach out to Brianna here: partnerships@seatogether.com 

Images/Graphic Design: Contact Angela here: design@seatogether.com

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Submissions - General Info

Thank you SO much for your interest and support of this project. We encourage voices and expression who aren’t normally represented in surf media to submit.

Instructions: read the area of interest below for all requirements. Submit the writing portion below and we will contact you if are accepted, and will contact you for photo requests.

BLOG: Accepting Submissions.

Guidelines: 300 to 700 words for a feature. Feature topics:


-Surf Travel



Photos: High quality. Create a folder in Google Drive and leave the link in the “website” section of the application for us to download the photos for your submission. Photographer permission and credit required.

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page to submit).

Instagram: Accepting Submissions

Guidelines: We’d love to feature your community and your surfing, alongside your expression of voice, or if you wanted to interview your friends. This is pretty open. Feel free to check out our Instagram page for examples and photo aesthetic examples. Attach a link to a Google Drive folder of your image wanted to be used. We also need photographer’s permission.

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page to submit).

MAGAZINE: Submissions Closed. 

Our magazine sticks to surfing as we are a surf-magazine. All submissions must have to be related to surfing in some way. The theme of Issue 002 is “place”, whatever the definition of place means to you or your community. (i..e writing about your place, writing about themes surrounding place, localism, community in your place you live, your place within a greater context of surfing, interviewing a friend about their place in relationship with environmentalism in the ocean as a surfer, etc.) This is open-ended as a way for you to choose what you want to write about in relation to the definition of “place”.

Guidelines: 300-2,000 words for a feature. High-quality images only for print. Feature topics:

-Writing (Personal Narrative, Creative Writing within the theme of place)

-Art related to Surfing (Artist Statement connecting to the theme of place)

-Photography (Your surf photography OR your water/ocean photography paired with a writing about your relationship with surfing within the theme of place)

-Community (Writing about your nonprofit or community project/event that isn’t a brand)

-Interviews (with surfers who are artists, photographers, community organizers, etc)

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page to submit).


Name *
Please submit final draft. Please make sure that you read requirements above for your desired submission section. :)
Volunteer-Based *
Aligning with Sea Together's Values *
Link us your image(s) through Google Drive that you'd like to be featured on the blog or instagram. Photographer's permission is needed.

(Contributors/surfers of the print mag who are accepted get a copy of the mag sent to them regardless of where they live in the world, once we raise enough money to print*).

*We currently are unable to offer funds for submissions due to Sea Together being a small project with a small team of a few volunteers, and one person volunteering managing the entire magazine. If you have ideas or know of brands who would like to fund the creation of the magazine, please let us know at partnerships@seatogether.com as our goal in the next 1 year is to reach sustainable funding if possible! Kickstarter funded costs for printing/shipping globally/other costs associated with Issue 001. We’d appreciate your help or advice on how to make this happen or how much to pay others as one person is running/volunteering the entire magazine in her free time! Thank you for funding the printing, shipping, and costs of Issue 001! We wouldn’t be this far without you. We hope we can continue to create this space together in surf culture because we believe that it is SO needed.