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Mission & Vision


Sea Together is an annual, creative (not-for-profit) print publication featuring the stories, opinions, and creativity of women surfers around the world. 

Sea Together's goal is to have a bi-annual independent publication to rewrite, unite, and highlight women's surf culture through art, writing, and community. We want to focus on surfing. All our contributors are actual surfers. We value boldness, authenticity, vulnerability, and creativity. We want to transcend boundaries placed upon women surfers in our worldwide patriarchal surf culture. We believe in highlighting women surfers not normally given a space to share their voice or surfing in mainstream surf media.

Sea Together's mission is to empower women surfers worldwide to live as their authentic self and to rise above societal or personal challenges. We celebrate our love for surfing through creative expression, connecting through community, and sharing our individual voices. Sea Together believes there is a space for every woman surfer to express themselves and share their voice. We believe there is a space for everyone to be represented in surfing. There is a space for you.

Sea Together's vision is to print one issue annually (or more) and provide a blog for online community, and to collaborate with surfers, communities, brands, nonprofits, and organizations around the world, combining surfing with environmental education and art. Sea Together envisions joining other surfers that are making waves of change.

Let’s Sea Together everyone in female surfing!

Founder’s Statement

I created this project with many goals in mind—I wanted less of the butt shots and more surf culture about highlighting the diversity and creativity of women’s surf culture.

…to learn more about the inspiring women surfers around the world in ways that I had not seen in mainstream surf media or even in a print magazine, and also to highlight and uncover voices not normally heard in mainstream surf media.

…to create access to stories and voices through not only on social media and in print, but also in person.

…to gather the waters of the sea together in support of each other, empowering each other, and encouraging that the differences that make us different can still come together, as the ocean is a place of uniting.

I believe that the tides are changing and that there is a new generation of women surfers rising up to defy the previous standards set before them and to challenge hierarchical power structures within the media to collaborate with each other through positivity and creativity. I believe that all humans one day will be equal and will have equal representation in surf culture everywhere, and that it will be normal to see diversity represented.

But, it will take us to get there. Every one of us creating community and change worldwide makes a difference and if this magazine inspires just one person, or one young girl, then it will be something worthwhile. 

Brianna Ortega, Founder & Volunteer Director of Sea Together Magazine — Written Dec 2017