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General Inquiries: Let us know if you are interested in Sea Together partnering with your organization, nonprofit, event, want to collaborate on ideas, or if you'd like to surf with us. Contact Brianna here: sea.together.mag@gmail.com 

Partnerships: We are currently looking for partnership and sponsorship opportunities for the 2019 edition. Either if you want to partner with us at workshops or events, or if you have a paying opportunity that can help us fund the creation of the magazine project and you align with our values, please reach out to Brianna here: partnerships@seatogether.com 

Images/Graphic Design: Contact Angela here: design@seatogether.com

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The Team & Friends

The Volunteer Team


The Founder / Director

Brianna Ortega Director, Artist Curator, Creative Director, Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Event Planner, Email Communications, Marketing/PR, Social Media Person (Facebook/Instagram), Shipping Magazines

Print Magazine Team Members

Angela Blumen Graphic Designer & Art Director

"Bri and I have been online pals for maybe 8 years? We met on tumblr, and back then I was working on making my own magazine so I could learn how to do graphic design. Bri and I spoke once that if she were to do a magazine, I would design it! It’s rare I get into projects where I don’t have any doubts, but with Sea Together Mag I was 100% sure that this is what I am going to do. Although I do not have a surf background (most of my life I’ve been living in landlocked cities, or in the north), I am very fond of the culture, and I can’t wait to take my first surfing lessons this summer! I work as a designer and photographer, and I’m very fond of art, environmental science and the internet."

Mikaela Horvath Assistant Editor, Copy Editor, Developmental Editor

"My name is Mikaela. I know Brianna because she is my rad cousin! Though I am not a surfer and don't dance on waves, I dance on the earth and sand and admire surfers from the shore. Ballet is my favorite type of dance. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Rhetoric and Writing Studies from SDSU. When Brianna reached out to me about being an Assistant Editor for the print magazine, I knew it would be a fantastic opportunity to refine my editing skills. It has been wonderful to be a part of a chorus of contributors around the world who have donated their time; writing and editing skills; and hearts to make waves for this project. I am excited about Sea Together's mission to give women surfers greater visibility and afford them a platform through which they can redefine how they are portrayed in the sport."

Other Rad Team Members

Current Guest Blog Contributors: Alicia King and Oriana Poindexter

Email Newsletter: Jessie Taylor

Instagram Team Member: Jenny W.

Mikalea Dances on Land!

Mikalea Dances on Land!


Collaborators & Friends of Sea Together


Michael Swamer. Amy Rose Hewton. Nydia Gonzalez. Tyler Feague. Lisa Carolla. Brittni. Anna Biegalski. Joey Carnera. Jen Yih. Hansen Murray. Lauren of Oregon Surf Adventures. Alexa Gonzalez.

Past Supporters/Collaborators of Sea Together

Leeward Surf

San Diego Surf Ladies

Black Girls Surf

Margaret Seelie / The Other Side of Surfing

Sophie Hellyer

Seafarer Supply

Iaera Surf

Tall Poppy Surf

Danielle Clayton of Salt Gypsy

Jen Yih of 90 Collective

Jonesea Wetsuits

Juneshine Co Kombucha


Anouk Corolleur, Becky Mitchell, Brooke Gudenau, Carissa Moore, Cher Pendarvis, Clare Sullivan, Chrystal Dawn, Colleen Conroy, Corina Barnick, Dominique Miller, Emi Koch, Eva Martin, Maggie Higgins, Megan Barnett, Megan Godinez, Mischa Davis, Sara Taylor, Shannon Cuadro, Olivia Schroeder, Oriana Poindexter, and Margaret Seelie interviewing Brown Girl Surf (Mira Manickam-Shirley), Ashley Lloyd Thompson, and Traveler (Julie Cox).