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EVENTS & WORKSHOPS: If you'd like to help fund the creation of the magazine by partnering with Sea Together for workshops, retreats, or events, please contact Brianna at partnerships@seatogether.com

SPONSOR OR STOCK-LIST: If you would like to stock Sea Together in your store(s), or have a paying opportunity that can help us fund the creation of the magazine, please reach out to Brianna at partnerships@seatogether.com

WANNA HELP this project succeed? Brianna would deeply appreciate a snippet of your time. Our current needs: Accounting / tax advice, Magazine advice, Marketing advice, and Magazine Sale and Distribution to Shops Globally.

SUBMISSIONS: All submissions are closed except for Instagram submissions. Please check back in 2020 for print submissions. If you have a blog submission, feel free to submit and if we have space, Brianna will get back to you within 8 months.

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: While we might not be able to respond, Brianna reads every one of these encouraging emails. They keep us going, and we appreciate every one! Thank you!

OTHER INQUIRIES: If Sea Together can help, we certainly will! If you don't hear back from Brianna in 2-5 weeks, either the surf is good, we're backed up with work and graduate school, or we're unfortunately unable to accommodate.

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About the Hosts


Brianna Ortega / Founder of Sea Together, MFA in Contemporary Art & Social Practice Candidate, Artist

Brianna founded Sea Together Magazine in December 2017 and grew up mainly between Oahu, Hawai’i and California. She currently calls the Pacific Northwest Coast home and is working on her graduate degree, an MFA in Art & Social Practice. Besides working as an environmental educator at a marine preserve and teaching art classes on occasion, and running Sea Together , she has shown her art in places like Portland, Italy, and San Diego. Brianna enjoys bringing people together through creativity and surfing, and looks forward to facilitating experiences for women surfers to ask what art means to them in the most beautiful place in the world, the Pacific Northwest.

Ariana van Beurden / Yoga, Meditation/Mindfullness, and Intercultural Communication Educator

Ariana van Beurden is a meditation/mindfulness and Yoga teacher, and Intercultural Communication Educator. She has a passion for connecting people from all over the world, and is an ESL Teacher who has spent her life teaching all over the world. Her mission is to use mindfulness and mediation to help people to discover their own cultural tendencies so that they not one learn more about themselves, but also connect more deeply with those around.

Bri surfing

Bri surfing